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One of the things I liked most is that PES was able to reproduce the play styles of big teams. FC Barcelona is known for being possessive, Real Madrid exploits speed, and Bayern focuses on strength and unpredictability.

PES 2018 gameplay on Mac

It makes playing Pro Evolution Soccer feel like a real match. PES offers better graphics. The physical resemblance of famous players is amazing and smaller details are also impressively shown. Stadium atmosphere is great, crowd noise is realistically modeled, and the intensity of the crowd audio is based on how the match is going. The audience participation contributes a lot to the realism of the game.

Konami's steps are remarkable in the improvement of the game.

The game isn't perfect though because of a smaller number of official licenses, the dated looking menus, and not all the animation has been improved. The Pes is too beautiful.

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I only need to improve the look of the player. Whether the PES is the best player ever. PES is the best ever game ever. I LOVE. It's a really good game I'll play a lot w ith my friend. PES is the best game in the world for me. I love PES I've got no words You want to find out what this means? Pro Evolution Soccer returns again with a new version of its soccer simulator. This year, PES comes loaded of new options, game modes and cinematic gameplay that make this instalment spectacular. PES offers improved artificial intelligence that will help you enjoy the game more than ever. Also the AI of the opposing team is improved and their defence will be better and it will be more difficult for you to find a good strategy.

But, as it happened in previous instalments of the game, the goalkeepers are the unfinished business of PES The graphics, as always, are excellent, even better than other years. Everything you need to enjoy real soccer. Even for the first time, the BBVA league that fans of teams which are not in European competitions will enjoy.

Pro Evolution Soccer is another entry into this admired sports series. Although it has amazing cutting-edge graphics, it is facing very stiff competition, both within its own franchise and outside of it.

1. FootLOL: Epic Fail League

How does Pro Evolution Soccer fare in comparison to its predecessors? Unlike games like Football Manager , you actually get to control characters in the field and direct their movements such as running, passing, and more.

Pro Evolution Soccer takes this premise and makes it even better. Unlike it's older iterations, PES gives players more freedom in terms of movement which makes it feel more realistic and lifelike. The player can get David Beckham into their team although his involvement is limited depending on the game edition.

PES 12222 - Pro Evolution Soccer

FIFA has similar mechanics while also banking on the star power of licensing real-life clubs as part of their roster similar to what PES is doing. Between the two of them, FIFA wins out when it comes to how many bigtime clubs they have licensed, but PES has more licensed clubs in general.

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The fluid movements and animation in the offline campaign are replaced with lagging and connectivity issues when trying the online game.