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Back to the House by Fae reviews Fourteen whole years have gone by since Mac and Bloo played at Fosters and Mac has now graduated university with a film degree.

However, in trying to find work, Mac picks up a job at Fosters under the new management of Frankie. How will Mac adapt to being back in the house of friends and how will the friends treat him now that he's twenty-two and no longer that young boy anymore. But lucky for them, there's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, where they have all kinds of new and crazy adventures with new and crazy friends! What are you doing here? You don't usually come on the weekends.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Crimson Metal by TRikiD reviews A fatal accident leaves one of Foster's most beloved imaginary friends in terrible shape, so much so that the state invested in giving him a second chance by using technology and prosthetics. But the changes were drastic, and they sparked a fire that will infect his loved ones, too. Completely kid-friendly - only rated K-plus just to be on the safe side. Bloo must solve the mystery of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends when it is in great destruction.

Herriman, OC - Complete. In the first volume, Eduardo mysteriously goes missing and it's up to Bloo and his sidekick Mac to uncover just what the hay has happened Yes, I say stuff from My Little Pony, get used to it. Request fic. K - English - Friendship - Chapters: However, Wilt seems to be left out from the celebration which makes everyone wonder who his creator is, but Wilt then decides to go to his old home on a mysterious adventure which leads everyone into looking for him on an adventurous road trip.

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Bullied and abused by Samracheltang88 reviews My own backstory of how terrence became a big bully to Mac. Rated T for abuse. The Real Meaning of Family by musicfashionlover reviews Something bads happening at home, no not Foster's, the apartment. How will Mac handle it? And how will everyone else help?

After realizing that they drove Mac into suicide, Bloo, and the others tried to make amends with him. Will they suceed in restoring Mac's Faith in them or will they fail? In this AU, most of the imaginary friends are whores, pimps, and hustlers of all sorts.

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What kind of antics will Mac and Bloo get into with their new perverted friends? Little Frankie 2: Toddler Girl by andrew. K - English - Humor - Chapters: Herriman - Complete. All I want for Christmas is you! Bloo and Muffin were friends at at first, but their friendship turns into something more.

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Wilt is a tall, friendly and red imaginary friend whose arm is missing and left eye is wonky after an accident in a basketball game. Wilt tries to help out at Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends in any way he can, and he's always happy and positive. Coco is a mixture between a bird, an aeroplane and a palm tree. She can also only say or write the word 'Coco'. But despite being strange, she comes in handy for her friends at Foster's when she lays her small plastic Easter Eggs - which contain amazing surprises!

Eduardo has big horns, purple fur, long fangs, a spade tail and weighs more than 35 stone!

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Even though he looks like the scariest of Foster's Imaginary Friends, Eduardo is actually timid and compassionate. He also cries very easily and is scared of almost everything.

What happens to imaginary friends when kids grow up? They end up at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Home to the best friends you can think of. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends was founded by the kindly Madame Foster to give unwanted imaginary friends a place to stay until they could be adopted by new kids. Run by the strict and proper bunny Mr. Herriman, the house is full of imaginary creatures of every shape and size.

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