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Components of Microsoft Office for Mac The latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac , Microsoft Office , features the flat design and tabbed user interface that were introduced in Microsoft Office Word : a word processor with rudimentary desktop publishing capabilities. Excel : a spreadsheet with calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. Outlook : a personal information manager with email capabilities, task manager, contact manager, note taking, and journal.

PowerPoint : a presentation program that has come to be very widely used in many other communication situations.

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OneDrive : a cloud file hosting service that allows users to store files as well as other personal data in the cloud. Skype : a telecommunications application software that provides video chat and voice calls between computers, tablets, mobile devices, the Xbox One console, and smartwatches. Editions of Microsoft Office for Mac Microsoft Office for Mac, sometimes referred to simply as MS Office for Mac , is made available in several editions, each aimed at a different market. Standard : This suite, only available through volume licensing channels, includes the core applications and Outlook.

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Microsoft Office for Mac vs. If you need to share the documents, presentations, and spreadsheets you create with others you should always use the same software as the people you collaborate with use, which, most likely, will be Microsoft Office for Windows or Mac.

Microsoft Excel is hands down the best spreadsheet software in the world. As for its web platform, it's a mixed bag; it is not as intuitive as Google Drive or Dropbox. It does, however, do the job of displaying media, sharing files, and moving documents. The same is true with the macOS; it does avoid complexity but the result feels bare.

Regardless, it's still a superb feature of the suite. The best news that long-time Microsoft users will ever get is that they no longer have to repurchase an Office license anymore. Office is a completely subscription-based productivity tool that gives users access to Microsoft programs like Word , Powerpoint , and Excel. The suite also boasts access to Outlook , Publisher , and Skype. Most recently, Microsoft has incorporated artificial intelligence into Outlook. This means users can expect the email management tool to be semi-automated in terms of handling their messages, schedules, and tasks.

As for Skype, it puts on a more professional mask with Skype for Business.

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One being the massive participants in one conference call, and the second being the ability to share and annotate presentations within calls. The Microsoft suite is as strong as ever with Office The developers regularly push out updates to its subscribers - which have all been useful and well-judged - like AI, cloud, and mobility.

This should please users of any background, whether that be a student, young professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. The new applications and innovations that are created with the software are also beneficial to end users of all types. There are lots of different types of components that users are able to gain instant access to such as word processing, spreadsheets, drawings, presentations, data charting and formula editing. The software contains a very versatile and extensive database that includes file conversion facilities. The current limit for attaching files of this type is ten megabytes.

Users who wish to attach a file to an issue need to either submit the issue first or locate the issue that they want to file and follow the specified instructions. Users of the software will have full access to all of the different fonts that have been installed in their system.

New fonts can be added through the special Font management tools.

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The software is designed to utilise all of the standardised OpenDocument file formats that users of StarOffice are likely to be familiar with. This means that the transition period between the two types of office should be very short and smooth. The User Profile has been specially created to store all related user data in one place.

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