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Prerequisite Skills for AAC: Who Can Use an AAC Device? - Speech And Language Kids

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What are the Prerequisite Skills for AAC Devices?

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A potted history of the Sequal Trust! Choose Your Words — teaching core words in the classroom J. An Interview with Barry Smith by Catherine Harris, Chair of Trustees Development of a suite of mobile applications to support communication and leisure pursuits for patients with acquired brain injury. It's a popular and robust single-message device with a large switch button and a maximum message length of two minutes.

It has a large five inch diameter button which incorporates a delay to prevent the message from playing again if it is repeatedly hit during playback. Messages are recorded through the inbuilt microphone.

Prerequisite Skills for AAC: Who Can Use an AAC Device?

It has a recorded message length of two minutes. Supplier details last checked: 23 May , Next check due: Supplier details last checked: 27 March , Next check due: Supplier details last checked: 25 September , Next check due: Supplier details last checked: 17 November , Next check due: The following suppliers have not updated their product details for over two years.

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Maintaining personal content when switching communications providers in the UK 2015

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If you are listed and need to update your details please read how to update your listing. We recommend that you always arrange a multidisciplinary assessment before purchasing any type of communication aid. This will ensure that factors such as seating, mobility, access, motivation, educational needs, cognitive levels, training and ongoing support are all taken into account Ace Centre, , AbilityNet, It is crucial that a backup of the vocabulary is kept somewhere safe so that it can be used in the case of system failure AbilityNet, Further information: Communication Matters support people who find communication difficult because they have little or no clear speech.

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